Friday, 18 November 2011

The Start of Something New

Not sure if I am going to be good at this blogging thing - but maybe it is time move into a new direction. I feel I need to do something new, something different, share my pics in a different way.

Had my first cruise experience last year on  the MSC Melody from Genoa Italy to Cape Town - wonderful gift from the Owner of the company that I work for. Knowing that I am passionate about taking pics of cruise ships visiting Cape Town - he and his wife decided to send me off into the unknown - and for me it was the unknown - had never been on a trip out of the country - so it was with great excitement  - mostly from my friends and family - me, on the outside I tried keep cool and collected but oh boy on the in side - nervous as hell.

I have no intention of sharing any personal details here  - but more of sharing what I see with my camera.

Hopefully I will be able to tell a story through the pics that I have taken & will take in the future.

Over the next few weeks I am going to play catch up - I want to start with my trip last year.

Hopefully I will make it entertaining and not to boring


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  1. Welcome to the Cyber World and the magic of Blogging. Every picture tells a story.