Friday, 18 November 2011

MSC Melody Cruise 2010

My Trip 2010 - Part 1

From the time that I left Cape Town International Airport (26 November 2010) until I arrived in Rome (27 November 2010) not once did I take a pic – I don’t know why – I had my Nokia N8  - great camera by the way – Carl Zeiss 12 MP and all – better than my Fujifilm – but no Chris does not even think to take pics out of the window of the any of the aircraft that I flew in. From Cape Town to Johannesburg had a window seat – Johannesburg to Cairo – had a window seat – from Cairo to Rome – had a window seat.

Not even from the airport in Rome to Rome central – took the train – not once did I take a pic of the outer suburbs of Rome. Was I in awe of what I was doing, on my own, probably, all I remember was I had to get to my hotel in Rome so that I could settle in and then get my bearings and then get the whole tourism thing going.

Which I did – got lost along the way – thanks to two girls from Romania and their Italian friend – they took my right to the entrance of my hotel. Thank goodness I had practised some basic Italian – so I could at least say thank you.

Checked into the hotel and the 1st thing I did was to find out where I was in this huge City – my starting point was the entrance to the main Train Station.
Roma Termini

This was my starting point every day until I left for Genoa on the 30 November 2010.
Roma Termini

As I arrived late afternoon and being in a strange city did not want to be out and about until I got comfortable with my surroundings took a few quick pics of a church across the road from the station. Oh and there are a lot of churches in Rome believe me.

Most of my pics from my trip you will find on flickr. Will continue with Part 2 soon.


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