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MSC Melody Cruise

My trip 2010 part 7

Cadiz to Santa Cruz da Tenerife

Departed Cadiz at 6pm – 699 nautical miles to Santa Cruz da Tenerife – one day (5th December 2010) at sea. Weather started to rather ugly – sea became extremely rough and very high winds. Yet the temperature started to increase somewhat. Min 12 – Max 18.
Soon realized we were in for a very rough time of it – storm started to increase in intensity. A few of the passengers, including one of our party is prone to suffer from sea sickness – well needless to say he was pretty out of it for most of the day, could not even make dinner that evening. Received notification in our cabins that evening: “due the very bad weather conditions, with rough seas and very strong winds in the area, we inform you that there will be a delay in our arrival in Tenerife.”

We were to dock at 9am but only docked at 1:45pm.
We received notification later of just how severe the storm was – Wind force 9 & Sea force 8.
Spent the day in the day in the Junkenoo Club playing cards  - some of us just had the energy to lie around and try and sleep the storm away.
We all managed to get through the storm in one piece and could not wait to get our feet on solid ground.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It is the capital of the island and the seat of the island’s council. The island is home to La Laguna University, which was founded in 1792. Tenerife is also the highest elevation in Spain, of the Atlantic Islands and the third largest volcano in the world from its base. El Teide, is a World Heritage Site.
I found this island a tropical paradise – hot and humid – after all the bad weather we had experienced and the cold of Europe – this was fantastic.
We arrived on a public holiday – Spanish Constitution Celebration – so most shops and businesses were closed.

We had until 8.30pm (boarding time) to explore.

What a great city – loved every minute of exploring.

Waiting to to get off the MSC Melody

Once again would have preferred much more time to see everything – we decided to do our tour by foot – there were excursions offered to see the volcano ant to see Puerto De La Cruz – but then we saw so much more of the normal day to day life of Tenerife.

The City Library

Had a late lunch at one of the little café’s along the street and sampled a local beer.

Definitely would like to visit again – next cruise stopping over at Arrecife de Lanzerote.

After a hot and sweaty day boarded the Melody and relaxed on the pool deck and watched the cruise ship Amadea leave Tenerife.


Next stop Mindelo – Cape Verde.  

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