Friday, 27 July 2012

2012 MSC Melody Cruise & Italy & France

2012 MSC Melody Cruise & Italy & France

Part 2

Walvis Bay, Namibia

Not mad about this town, after doing the tour of the town on my 2010 trip decided not to disembark from the MSC Melody and rather just laze around in the sun on deck and read a book. Well that was all I could do was read as the weather was pretty overcast.

It was the perfect opportunity to explore the Melody and take some pics of the interior of the ship.

                                                           Reception Area
                                                           Passage to my cabin
                                                           Galaxy Restaurant
                                          Movie House
                                          Blue Ribband Bar
                                                           Soking area and Card Room further along
                                          Duty Free Shops
                                          Entertainment area
                                    Entertainment area

I was glad I remained on board as the staff did a lifeboat drill and took one of the Tenders out for test – clearly all in preparation for when we were due in St Helena.

It is amazing how time flies when you are on a mission to accomplish something – before I knew it lunchtime had come and gone and it was almost time to depart Walvis Bay.

Could not wait for St Helena – have always wanted to see the island and here I was getting just want I wanted.

Next stop St Helena

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