Thursday, 26 July 2012

2012 MSC Melody Cruise, Italy & France

2012 MSC Melody Cruise & Italy & France


So the day of departure has eventually arrived. Was I excited, nervous – little of both but mostly sad that my friend could not travel with me – but he would be with me in spirit every step of the way.

I made a promise that I would email at least once a day.

Boarding started from 11am and would be completed by 2pm as we were to sail at 3pm.

I was to be very disappointed at the chaos around me as we gave in our luggage. In Cape Town we do not have a dedicated Cruise Terminal and this could be to our disadvantage concerning more Cruise Ships coming to Cape Town.

If I compare this to what I have experienced in Genoa (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), The Canary Islands on my previous cruise in 2010 then all I can say is this – Cape Town wake up – have a look at these ports and you will see what a Cruise Terminal looks like and how it should operate.

Please know this, I love my country and I love my city – but this is just so infuriating when we just cannot get it right. I reckon by the time we wake up – it might just be too late. Then it will be pointless trying to make it right.

Cruise ships are no longer allowed to dock in the V & A Waterfront – can you believe it – what better place to for the smaller cruise ships to dock. Oh some red tape regarding “security”. What absolute rubbish.

Anyway, managed to get aboard the MSC Melody at around 1pm.

Although it was over a year later but it felt as if it was only yesterday that I had sailed from Genoa to Cape Town in 2010, and here I was doing the Northbound from Cape Town to Genoa.

Obviously found my cabin with ease and dumped my hand luggage and went and had something to eat.

Muster station drill was done prior to leaving and this we can thank to the Costa Concordia drama. I prefer it the new way as I like to be out on deck when we leave the harbour.

This was a rather emotional departure as my family were there to see me off. Had arranged for my sister and Lee to pick up my Mom & Dad. Let’s just leave it that.

We departed at 1510 and slowly made our way out into Table Bay on rather overcast and windy day.

If you look closely at the top pic that little person waving like mad is me.

Ended off the day with a great sunset and as I was travelling on my own on this trip I was rather nervous as to who would be sitting at my dinner table. I had chosen the later sitting at 830pm. Table of six and we hit it off from the first sitting – which was great.

Next stop Walvis Bay, Namibia.


  1. If you are seeking a cruise voyage filled with fun and beautiful scenery then the Mediterranean cruise is probably your best tour in italy

    1. I have just completed one in the Baltic on the MSC Magnifica - will be updating my blog very soon - I will be doing one from Venice via Croatia - Greece - next year