Friday, 25 January 2013

2012 MSC Melody Cruise & Italy & France

2012 MSC Melody Cruise & Italy & France
Part 8

We arrived in Genoa at 6am on the morning of the 10th March 2012
Having been here in 2010 and new the city pretty well, I promised to help Pat & Elaine get to the train station and see them off to Nice.

New exactly where my hotel was so got there as quickly as possible – needed to catch up with that extra day at sea.

I was so looking forward to having two full days in Genoa to explore but once again you have to make do with what you are given, so decided to make the best of what time I had. 

First place to go was the harbour, and there she was – one of the big ones – MSC Splendida – oh boy was she huge. Remembered standing there and thinking, maybe it’s time to progress to one of the big ones on my next cruise. Needless to say will be cruising on her sister the MSC Magnifica in May 2013. Much more about that cruise later.

Worked my away around to the other side of the harbour as I had spotted a few private motorised yachts.

At least here I could get close up and personal as back home our harbour is very restricted.

Had the privilege of bumping into the Captain of the MSC Melody and he was kind enough to let me take a pic – thanked him for bringing us safely to Genoa – shook hands and off I was again.

I had wanted to see as much of Genoa as possible and see what I had missed in 2010, so went walk about and went further along the narrow streets and you cannot walk around any city in Italy without popping into a few churches, and that’s what I did. Quite a few I might add.

Found this amazing market, stopped and had a slice of Pizza and strolled through the market and absorbed all the sounds and smells of the fresh produce.

Worked my way around and back down to the harbour and found some wonderful old buildings along the way.

By now it was getting late in the afternoon, so decided to head back to my hotel to freshen up and go out for an early dinner and then just relax and have an early night. Up early and off to Pisa by train.

But paid a last visit to the MSC Cruise Terminal and was lucky enough to see the MSC Melody depart on her next cruise. It was a sad moment as I knew that I would probably never sail on her again. She has been sold since then.

Piza 11th March
Florence 12th March
Turin 13th March
Train to Paris from Turin on the 14th March
Fly to Cape Town on the 23rd March 2012