Sunday, 4 December 2011

MSC Melody Cruise

My Trip 2010 Part 5

To recap - left Genoa the afternoon of the 1st December - Spent the evening organizing my Cruise Card and table sitting. Retired early and had a good nights rest  - we were to dock in Barcelona the following afternoon at around 13h30.

Woke up bright and early on the 2nd December and as always could not wait for my first cup of coffee - as the Early-Bird Coffee is served between 6h00 and 7 - did a bit of exploring outside - weather  - cold and wet.


Met up with the the guys at breakfast and made plans for our excursion for later that afternoon. Decided to walk from the docks into Barcelona and our main aim was to get to the Cathedral. We arrived just after 2pm.

Once docked we disembarked and off we went - walked from the docks into the heart of a busy city.


As Micheal had been to Barcelona before he was our tour guide - we walked up La Ramba - it is paved walk way through the city.

Architecture was amazing - as we were in a bit of rush - not much time to get to our destination as we had to board by 18h00 as we were departing by 19h00 - so not much time available to really take in the sights - which was a pity - would have liked a full day - so much to see.

Managed to take some pics along the way.

Eventually got the Cathedral after many twists and turns up and down roads and street. Not to sure what to say about this "Church." Personally I found it a bit overwhelming. You be the judge.

Its a work in process.

We decided that as we were now running out of time, the best and quickest way to get back to the MSC melody was by taxi. Made it in good time, boarded and we departed on time at 19h00.

Our dinner sitting was the late one, we met in the Blue-Riband bar for cocktails.

Then off to dinner.

Pretty exhausted by now. Next day was a full day at sea. This was going to be interesting. Temperature predicted for the 3rd December Min 3 Max 14. 612 nautical miles from Barcelona to Cadiz our next stop.

That and more all coming up soon.


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