Sunday, 26 June 2016

MSC Fantasia

26th June 2016

I have been wanting to update my blog regarding my 2014 trip, but have had the most horrendous past 2 years.

In hind sight I should never have gone on this trip, there were too many things happening in my life at that time.

I had already paid my deposit for my cruise with MSC and thought to hell with it, just do it.

What was happening in my life at this time you might ask, well the company I worked for had just been placed under liquidation and the future certainty did not look good at all, so I lived month to month hoping that everything would be alright, but of course it never is was never going to be.

So through all the inter office politics and the uncertainty of actually having a job the next month, I plodded along, paying off my cruise and booking my accommodation, flights, train fares etc.

What was the trip you might ask, well this is the trip:

Two weeks in France with a very good friend Di
Then flight to Venice for my cruise on the MSC Fantasia to Bari, Katacolon, Santorini, Piraeus/Athens,Corfu,Dubrovnik and back to Venice
One day in Rome
back home to Cape Town and of course a very icy reception when I got back to work and needless to say the immediate resignation and then spent November and December and part of January looking for a new direction work wise, which happened of course.

Over the next few days I will be breaking down each part of my trip in chapters as it happened.

I actually rather enjoy doing this way after the trip as it rings back some good memories and now that I start to reminisce, it was actually a good trip and I am glad I did it, took my mind off what was happening back home, to be honest I hardly even thought of the work situation at all.

Will update shortly regarding my stay in France and what I did while there