Sunday, 5 February 2012

MSC Melody Cruise

My Trip 2010 Part 10

Cape Town

Left Walvis Bay at 4pm and now next stop and final destination Cape Town.

712 nautical miles – two nights and 1 day at sea.

This was going to be the highlight of my trip, coming into Cape Town.

What an experience this trip was – it was an experience of a lifetime – thanks to all that made it a memorable time.

We arrived in Cape Town on the most beautiful of days - Cape Town at its best - not a breath of wind and hot hot hot.

Hopefully to be repeated often.

Actually as I write this – I will be doing the northbound cruise on the MSC Melody from the 20th February 2012.

What I have learnt from the 2010 trip will most definitely come in handy for the coming trip.

Itinerary for upcoming cruise

20th Feb 2012                          Depart Cape Town at 3pm
21st Feb 2012                          at sea     
22nd Feb 2012                         Walvis Bay (Namibia)
23rd Feb 2012                          at sea
24th Feb 2012                          at sea
25th Feb 2012                          Jamestown (St Helena)
26th Feb 2012                          at sea
27th Feb 2012                          at sea
28th Feb 2012                          at sea
29th Feb 2012                          at sea
1st Mar 2012                            Dakar (Senegal)
2nd Mar 2012                           at sea
3rd Mar 2012                            at sea
4th Mar 2012                            Arrecife de Lanzarote (Spain)
5th Mar 2012                            at sea
6th Mar 2012                            Cadiz (Spain)
7th Mar 2012                            at sea
8th Mar 2012                            Palamos (Spain)
9th Mar 2012                            Genoa

That’s the cruise – will be spending 2 days in Genoa the off to Pisa,Florence and Turin over the next three days.

Then on to France for the next nine days and fly home to Cape Town on the 23rd March.

Follow my trip on Facebook and Twitter - will be uploading a few pics but will update by blog if and when I can.

MSC Melody Cruise

My Trip 2010 Part 9

 Walvis Bay to Cape Town

Spent the next four days at sea relaxing and enjoy the last few days on our cruise. 

 Watched the entertainment crew practicing for the evening performance

Stayed on for part of the performance

Experienced a fabulous sunset one evening and then the most beautiful sunrise as coming into Walvis Bay.

 After nine days at sea we really looking forward to getting our feet on solid ground. 

Walvis Bay – and that was it – not my cup of tea

Salt Pans

Salt Pans

Enjoyed our excursion to Swakopmund though – nice seaside town – lots of German architecture, good food and beer.

As we had docked at 8am and were to be back on board by 3pm we did a very quick tour of most of the tourist sites – what can I say on my next cruise I will not be getting off.

By this stage looking forward to getting home – Cape Town here we come

712 nautical miles.